March 16th, 2017 - K-Drama has announced the kickoff of his own independent recording company, Playwright Music.


The name Playwright is a spin-off of the K-Drama moniker, insisting the label will star Christ as the leading role in their music.  It’s also a play on words, encouraging it’s listeners to “play right”.


Playwright Music’s first signee is Cincinnati singer/rapper, Scott Simms.  The label is also home to Charde Jones & K-Drama himself.  Additionally, the label will work closely with producer affiliate, Anthony “Rock House” Clary, who produced “The Heart” & co-produced “Arthur Agee” on K-Drama’s latest solo album, ‘The 8th’.


K-Drama plans on implementing his experience from previously being signed to Cross Movement Records & Holy Hip Hop Music to help operate the business.  “I have learned a great deal, both positive & challenging, from formerly being signed to two labels.  These experiences will allow me to be fair & to treat my artists how I want to be treated”, says K-Drama.


In addition to releasing musical content, Playwright Music will also launch a philanthropic arm, Beat Lessons, a program focusing on teaching people how to make beats using digital audio workstations.  Several of the classes will have a registration fee, but most classes will be offered free of charge to the general public.  Beat Lessons will begin in late spring/early summer in various locations throughout Greater Cincinnati.


The label will celebrate it’s launch Saturday, April 15th, 2017 at The Underground in Forest Park where K-Drama teaches an after school beat class.

K-Drama adds “By God’s grace, we plan on releasing content that is scripturally sound while being uniquely relevant to this day & age.  There is a way to make music that speaks truth to many without compromise.  There is a way to play right”.