From the album #TBTMusicSeries Vol. 2

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Unsolved Mysteries

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Verse 1
I don't know how He did it but I’m glad He did it
Doesn’t add it up when I’m calculating digits
I Admit it, life’s a mystery since acquitted
Didn’t start rapping until after I committed, got many heads spinning like a fidget
Cause I went from failing kindergarten, I was too shy
Now you can’t get me out your face like a fruit fly
I get it popping like the 4th of July, if you knew my story
Surely You would see why I believe I should give God glory
Jesus took 2 fish, 5 loaves
David had 3 plus 2 Stones
Need that childlike faith
Don’t miss your blessing cause you’re too grown
tryna preach but most feel that the shoe don’t fit
I leveled up, I’m in a new zone
Set for life, I don’t need 2 phones
Heaven won’t take anything you own
That’s why I took the uHaul off the highway
After my eyes were dilated
the judge took in my statement
In Christ Jesus, my faith’s in
God the Father took me from the basement
To discern dreams from the King, pretty much the basics

I don't how He did it but I'm glad He did it (7X)
Guess this is an unsolved mystery

Verse 2
Many things I can’t explain, half the time doesn’t make sense
Oftentimes my life is strange, I’m just grateful for the greatest
I can’t take the credit for it
I can not even afford it
Variety, so assorted
His glory, can’t ignore it
Jesus on the mainline
He’s everywhere at the same time
I can’t process 3 thoughts simultaneously with a sane mind
When we pray, He hears us
Wipes away our tear ducts
Exchanges for fear, trust
Holy Spirit steers us
I’ve seen God make something out of nothing
Oil runneth over anything He touches
go for it on 4th down, we ain’t punting
You know that was God, why you fronting?
All around the world they wanna playa hate
Instead of giving God his just due
Had to sauce it up with the 808s
God is good, so I gotta cut loose
Ever since he delivered me
My whole life’s an unsolved mystery

I don't how He did it but I'm glad He did it (7X)
Guess this is an unsolved mystery